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Call for a Consultant (Individual or an institution)/Consultancy firm for the capacity building workshops

For: External trainers for the EU co-funded Project “Great Lakes Youth Network for Dialogue and Peace. Our Diversity – our Opportunity!”

The Great Lakes Youth project is looking for a qualified training expert for capacity building workshops and Trainer of Trainers Workshop in the four project countries. The selected trainers have to conduct the capacity building workshops face-to-face in the four countries with approximately 20 participants from different youth organisations. The capacity building workshops comprise the modules presented by the Youth Action Handbook. The workshops will start with a SWOT analysis in each of the workshops. The workshops will serve as the baseline from where youth actions will progressively increase their capacity over the project period, During the capacity building workshops, the external trainers and the project team members will identify talented participants who can serve as trainers for the following up activity “Train the Trainers”. Criteria for being selected include performance during the workshops and social skills to work as a teacher. The trainers how will implement the ToT will be selected from the pool of trainers conducting the capacity building workshop. A separate call of offer will be published after the capacity building workshop.   Click here to Download the DOCS file For more details and how to Apply   or   Click here to Download the PDF file For more details and how to Apply

Submission deadline: no later than 24th October 2021