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The objectives of the Peace Education program are to contribute to the promotion of lasting peace in the region, Strengthening the capacities of youth for peaceful conflict resolution, Strengthening the bonds of conviviality among the youth of the sub-region. Promote critical thinking.
Target group: The youth out of school especially the poorest, most destitute and sometimes marginalized children and young people (Pygmies, Deaf and Dumb and orphans), the illiterate without neglecting of course the educated youth As well as the general population of the region.


The main objective of this activity is to encourage young people from the countries of the Great Lakes to get involved in the process of consolidating peace in the region. We organizes debates competitons by which the participants are students from debate clubs. For the regional competition,the participants are students who have won in the local competitions organized in each country


CINEDUC is an education mean to awaken the capacity for analysis in a critical way through EDUCATIVE-CINEMA. It is one of the best approaches aimed at changing behavior and mentality because it attracts the attention and interest of individuals. So CINEDUC remains an attractive and educational means applicable in rural areas to achieve the best results. CINEDUC covers education in listening, freedom of expression and tolerance, solidarity education for the protection of the rights of children and women, education for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the promotion of peace.