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2019-10-02 15:27:10.645915 By vjn

On 23 Sept 2018 in Vision jeunesse nouvelle held the closing ceremony of reading and writing competition that was going on from the beginning of September within the whole country but for western province the competition held in Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle Library. The ceremony was prepared by Rwanda read , Rwanda community libraries and Minister of sport and culure and was attended by different school like Gisenyi Adventist secondary school(GASS), Ecole des science de Gisenyi(ESG), Students started by presenting their work and skills in debating, reading,spelling given words and writing where some have prepared stories through design other poems that contains interesting and helpful messages. Director general Of Vision jeunesse nouvelle Alexis Hagenimana started by welcoming the congregation and thanking Rwanda read , Rwanda community libraries and Minister of sport and culure,for preparing and supporting reading and writing competition. He encouraged students to read and write book by the help of VJN Library as it is the source of rich knowledge for future uses and it contain almost 3000 books of different categories like books for kid, adults, sciences etc. Delegation from the minister of addressed the parent to encourage and support their children. He tanked Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle to host and support the ceremony . After all by the help of VJN general director, delegation from minister of sport and culture and Mwangangi Beatrice who is in charge of education inrubavu district they have rewarded winners. By the help of judge committee winners were selected from different school based on the marks obtained from student presentations and were given reward accordingly. To be continued

Judging commitee

Rewarded winners from different schools

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