VJN 20th Anniversary
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The Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle TVET school is an extension of the Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle organization. this school is located in the West Province, Rubavu district, Nyundo Sector, Terimbere cell in the village of Rambura. This school was built in 2006 by the partner from Germany entitled MISEREOR.


-Develop technical education among young people so that they are Competent on the work song with positive values.
-Offer young people the technical methods to develop their capacities, finally to become qualified technicians.


To have young Rwandans with high quality in technical education and high skill in vocational training to be a good citizen of the country, as the constitution of Rwanda states.


Creativity, Determination and spirituality


The aim of the school, is to increase the possibilities of stable employment, including self-employment among young people and to improve their competence within the period of six months, with the chances of deepening a profession answering the demand from the labor market to reduce the unemployment rate especially among young people.

The professional training activity started in 2011 after the construction of this school. Our school obtained accreditation in 2004 by WDA (workforce Development Authority) in four areas: Mechanics, Welding, Hairdressing and Tailoring.Our school has as an essentially preventive approach to give young people healthy occupations, starting with our destitute young people who are beneficiaries of the Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle organization.



Originally Rugerero, after completing S6, she became unemployed. After CHRISTELLA heard the statement from Vision jeunesse nouvelle for the training of Huguka dukore akazi kanoze, after answering she had the chance to continue in the sewing profession she finished in 2018 and today she bought the sewing machine with her machine she went to the Rugerero market, she earns 40,000 per month.


Trained in sewing in 2018, compassion made her a sewing machine for the foundation with this machine she became a trusted tailor at KANEMBWE Rubavu Sector, from which she has now bought another sewing machine, 2 pigs, with inputs of one hundred thousand (100,000frw) per month.

ISABANE Marie Pierre

Mother of one child, after vocational training she made Mobile money at Rugerero market with this activity she bought a sewing machine she earns 60,000frw and these activities are operational.


From Rubavu Sector Mother of two children. Before she was trained in hairdressing, she stayed at home without work, Due to the poverty of her family, she had the chance to follow professional training in vision jeunesse nouvelle TVET, She works seriously and she earns forty thousand (40,000frw) she finds something to eat and the school fees of his children. Now his condition of life is formidable She is a breeder of eight pigs. She thanks the organization Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle and her husband cannot say anything so he is overwhelmed with emotion.


2018 winner in hairdressing from Rutsiro District. After having been trained in Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle she started saving 60,000frw per month which will meet her needs and her dream of creating her own hairdressing salon she was lucky enough to work at Mbugangali market.


She lives in Nyamyumba sector Bwitereke cell. During the COVID-19 period, all schools stopped the class, these parents bought her a sewing machine, she went to join with other professionals from same estate in a family house. She has progressed in her career she is able to make dresses, masks and other styles for women. From what she earns she saves 4000 per month.


originally from NYAMYUMBA Center of RAMBO after having stopped the class because of COVID 19, She continued her perfection in the workshop of her mother being close to the industry of BRALIRWA. Her competence allows her to support the clothes of what she earns clients she saves 3000 per month.


From Nyamyumba sector after vocational training in welding, he had the chance to work in the organization of TECNOWUDU where he earns fifty thousand frw (50000frw) with that he developed as they do in goat and sheep breeding, soon he will start building his own house to start his family.


winner of 2019, in his expression he thanked new youth vision for his supervision and constructive advice. He founded his hairdressing salon with a boy's skin now he has 3 goats with savings of 30,000 thousand to fulfill his dream too to create a multifunctional living room.


Of Sector Nyamyumba cell Munanira center of Kabarora, she is a 2019 finalist, At first she was doing income generating activity like trading bananas after she bought herself a sewing machine, got married legally and from what she earns she saves 15,000 Rwf per month.


Nyamyumba sector, Rubona cell winner of 2019,After completing sewing training, her family bought her a sewing machine, with which she bought two pigs that will continue to help her to develop her living conditions.


2019 winner from Nyamwumba Sector Before she was trained in hairdressing she was 100% dependent on her mother. After professional training in hairdressing she earns thirty thousand (30000frw). She takes care of her needs, which her mother witnesses, with thanks to the organization Vision jeunesse nouvelle.


She lives in Rugerero Sector, site of second Kabere, woman separating from her husband with a child .For free, she was trained in sewing by Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle, of which today she has a sewing machine with which she finds something to eat with her child now she is savings amount of 8000 thousand Rwf per month. Many thanks to Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle who contributed to his current life.


She is doing her Rugerero sewing trade in the center of Cyanika since completing the training she bought the sewing machine, now she is savings amount of twenty thousand (20000frw) per month.


Trained in sewing in Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle in 2019 after completing the training he rented the sewing machine with which he saved 500frw per day until he bought his own one hundred and twenty thousand (120,000 frw) machine He continued the training with other technicians who make casks in Rugerero / Shwemu with savings of two thousand (2000frw) per day.


from Sector Rugerero one of the young mother who had disagreements in her family because of her child she had the chance to know Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle in the Huguka dukore akazi kanoze project and also a member of the savings and loan group after she progressed in professional hairdressing training After the training together with her colleague they bought some basic equipment from which until today they have founded their hairdressing salon and a better life with the good health of her child.


A girl who is from Nyamyumba, a girl who has lived in critical situations so she is not recognized by her father Before vocational training she wondered what to do to develop economically She approached the Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle, after the talk she was assigned to the welding profession after she had the chance to work with a boss she earns three thousand frw (3000frw) the average per month now she reaches fifty thousand (50000frw).


Nyamyumba sector, Bwitereke cell, winner of 2019, he began to thank New Youth Vision for listening to him, for being selected from among the candidates in the professions After completing the training he works with the boss in Goma today the borders are closed due to COVID 19. Now he is approaching other groups school colleagues, he earns twenty thousand frw 20,000 frw. With that he just bought a stole and 600 dobe bricks to start his family.