What we do


6 Education center with over 3500 youth trained since 2002.

Sport & culture

12 sport types and team accordingly and diferent drama group since 2002

Peace building

Facilitating the establishment of durable peace and ties through reconciliation

Economic strenghtening

Re-inforcing the creation of saving group


MUHAWENIMANA after benefiting two courses on GSLA and SYB through economic capacity building program. Back from training, she had the idea to rent an avocado tree to start marketing them in the town of Gisenyi and Goma in the DRC.  With weekly savings that she was doing, she asked first 10000 Frw of loan where she added 5000 Rwf she had received during training on GSLA in order to rent the avocado tree for a period of one year. For the first harvest she got 40000 Rwf of income and for the second harvest in the same year she won 20000 Frw. Of this sum for this year 2012 she rented again 2 avocado trees at 30000 Frw.  When these trees are waiting for harvesting period, she buys and sells to Gisenyi market tomatoes, pineapples, eggplants and peppers.

Mediatice says that on every sale she earns between 1500 Rwf and 2000 Frw of benefits that allows it to feed the children at home and solve other problems in relation to the family’s expenses.