Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle (VJN) is a non-governmental organization created in 2002 by Brother Gabriel LAUZON and Father Epimaque MAKUZA, in Rubavu District, Western Province, in Rwanda. It’s vision as an organization is to create a community of youth renewed in good physical, moral, spiritual, dynamic, and productive health, for the brighter future of Rwanda. VJN aims to accomplish this vision through its mission to develop youth’s talents and skills so that these capabilities can be implemented in the process of sustainable socio-economic development. 

Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle operates upon values of unity and reconciliation, creativity, productivity, and brotherhood, and encourages these beliefs through intervening in the domains of education, culture, sport, peace, and economic capacities empowerment.


Fight youth crime in all forms leading to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, alcoholism, promiscuous sex, ignorance etc… In hand: promoting youth positive values to make excellent citizens.(peace, unity, reconciliation, friendliness, justice and forgiveness).



We are aiming to have a renewed youth: physically morally and spiritually healthy, dynamic, productive for a better future of Rwanda.


Director General