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The vision 2020 and the national strategy "Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) that Rwanda has developed give us an excellent direction of tracking national development. That vision will see the country transformed into a technology inclusive mid-income. Moreover, an important link for the success of this Vision will also include young people and children in this country. The power of youth in societal transformation is not in doubt.


VJN Activities

- Contribute to the reduction of ignorance and promote the self-management of the youth in the area of Rubavu district. - Promote unity peace and justice aimed at peaceful coexistence within the Rwandan community and the population of the sub region of the Great Lakes. - Combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, STIs, alcohol and drug abuse and promote reproductive health education. - Improve the living conditions of families and low-income young people by strengthening their economic capacity. - Strengthen the capacity and VJN strategies in its interventions with young people.