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VISION JEUNESSE NOUVELLE FC was born in 2003 and became a member of FERWAFA in 2005. The team has a mission to promote football talents in Rubavu District. It is made up of youth teams from the Sectors of Rubavu District.

Some of the outstanding achievements of the team include:

It has led to the establishment of the VJN football academy and its affiliated camps operating in the sectors.

Promote talents from these clubs and play in various competitions in the second division (Championship and Peace Cup).

Participate in regular youth football match organized by FERWAFA.

Advocacy for enhancing the skills of coaches and referees in collaboration with MINISPORTS and FERWAFA.

ORCHESTRA (African Stars)

Named after African Stars this band was created in 2002 with 8 persons singers composers. Today it is composed of 15 persons including a girl. The Orchestra must be excellent in all its presentations and deliver the message aimed at changes in behavior of the young with regard to HIV/AIDS and other bad behaviors.


There are six groups of traditional dancers in the six sectors in which runs the VJN. All these ballets are made of 111 people including 73 young girls and 38 boys. There is the Iyizire troop which is called once Imena Stella Maris based at Muhato parish which was the first to have emerged in 2002.


In the sector of culture, we have traditional and modern dancing group, theatre, fashion, and music band by the name of VJN STARS. All these groups participate actively in our yearly competitions that we organize . We also have a program of occupying students during their school holidays () to assist them in their recreation and entertainment (patronage) so as to keep them busy with their talents, passing message to the other youths rather than spending their time in illegal bad behavior activities that is contrary to our mission toward the youth.