Economic strengthening

This component has emerged in 2004 under the name small income-generating projects or PPGR in French. This intervened in order to support the literacy program.

Small business (Microcredit) and introduction to breeding projects.The VJN began by introducing people to the small business by granting a small amount to an association of persons who were reimbursed from the 15th day for four months then move the money to the following associations. Thus the literate were highly motivated to learn also to small business that brought them a certain income.

Water and Sanitation Between 2008 and 2009 the VJN provided drinking water to populations of the centers of Kibilizi and Rushubi. The VJN paid material and labor for the work of connecting pipes on the network of EWSA (Electricity, water and Sanitation). Therefore 5 standpipes were built 3 in Kabilizi and 2 to Rushubi.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) this program began in 2011 with 180 children including 60 in high school and 120 in elementary schools. Among those children 79 are girls and 101 are boys. These children were assisted with tuition fees: 60 in 2011, 68 in 2012 and 74 in 2013. They also received school materials, uniforms, mattresses and kitchen tools. For girls was added the feminine hygiene equipment.

The program GSLA (Group of Saving and Loan Association)This program came to reformulate the capacity by introducing a savings system. It was begun by training of trainers based in the OVC communities called Community Based Trainers (CBTs). They have trained on the GSLA methodology which consists in the formation of associations of savings and credit groups. To begin with it was created six groups of 136 members in all 106 women and 20 men without mentioning the 10 people who have abandoned.