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Vocational training began in 2006 when the VJN recruited the young and established contracts with external trainers called "Bosses" that trained them for six months, later in 2009 we built our own vocational centre (VJN TVET), which was completed in 2011. However, only five trades were selected to be tought such auto mechanics, welding, sewing, hairdressing and masonry. During a period of six month beneficiaries take their studies with an internship at the end of studies to facilitate them to implement what they have been to. With the help of different mentors, they may create they own cooperatives that would help them to save and get financial support from their own saving to carry out their daily activities.

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The literacy activity began in 2002 in 12 literacy centers with 350 youth whose 242 were women and 108 men. Those centers were Muhato, Gisenyi, Mbugangali, Muhira, Gisa, Rushubi, Bwitereke, Remera, Rusamaza, Nyundo, Rukoko and Rubavu. Through various donors four centers, including Burushya, Kiroji, Kinigi and Burinda were added in 2007. However in 2011 three centers of Kiroji, Rukoko and Rubavu have been closed in favor of a new center of Ryabizige because the beneficiaries had completed the course. Today the VJN remains with 14 literacy centers which are attended by 392 individuals including 160 men and 232 women. In total the VJN literate 3735 people. Learning to read and write recipients at the same time learned the concepts on basic human rights, the fight against the HIV/AIDS scourge, fight against violence against women and the bad consequences of the drugs and other narcotics. The education component has 24 literacy teachers including 9 men and 15 women. Literacy courses are provided in two days per week and three hours per day depending on their choice.


With the help of our library that is open to all, it facilitates the education programm in its day to day operationss and the community gets books of different categories that help them to improve their skills to contribute to the community development. Thought the number of people visiting the library is still at low level, the one who are aware of it come regularly that is interesting. We wish the community to get aware of the great role of a library. Since its existence, our library has met different challenge and we tried to cover them with the help of different partners who try to their best to give us books that assist the existing ones.