Position: Designer
Email: abc@gmail.com
Location: VJN CENTER (HQ), VTC (Rugerero)

Philimin is a highly qualified and experienced youth development field officer in charge of talent detection and development. With a strong passion for identifying and nurturing skillful individuals, he has been an incredible force in identifying and promoting young people’s talents in many communities. Philimin has a robust system for selecting and developing talented individuals, which he has honed from years of experience in the field. As a field officer, Philimin’s role is crucial in helping young people tap into their potential and guiding them towards success.

He ensures that his programs are inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. Philimin is adept at identifying individuals with raw talent and, through his guidance, nurturing them to become the best versions of themselves. He is an excellent communicator and has a knack for connecting with young people, which helps in building trust between them and him. Philimin’s work has helped many young people fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals, and he continues to make a significant impact in his community.