Position: Field Officer /CSA
Categories: SPORTS CULTURE & ARTS, Supporting staff
Location: VJN CENTER (HQ), VTC (Rugerero)

Oscar is a passionate and driven individual with a love for sports. He is dedicated to the development of youth talent and works tirelessly to organize competitions and events that showcase their skills and abilities. With a strong focus on creating opportunities for young athletes to succeed, he is a valuable asset to his community and the wider sports community. Ismael’s enthusiasm and commitment to the sports industry is infectious, motivating those around him to work harder and achieve their goals. His expertise in sports management has allowed him to effectively navigate the complex logistics that come with organizing events, ensuring that each competition is a success. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, Ismael is well-regarded within the industry as a knowledgeable and reliable figure who is always willing to lend his expertise to those in need.