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Education activities are introduced as an essentially preventive approach to give young people healthy occupations. The education component deals with functional literacy, vocational training,Children living with disabilities, and evangelization.

We aims at training of young people from low-income and unemployed families to learn different trades we offer. Encouraging young people to access sources of knowledge and to globalization, in order to offer opportunities to develop a profession that meets the demands of the labor market. Contibute to the reduction of the number of illiterates and include them in the dynamics of socio-economic development by the help of Literacy classes, Vocational Training Center, Library , Special education for the deaf and dumb and choir for evangelization


Peace building program aimm at the promotion of lasting peace in the Great lake region, the strengthening of the capacity of the youth for the peaceful resolution of conflicts, strengthening of ties of conviviality of the youth from diverse cultures and promote critical thinking ,youth engagement for lasting peace, prevention of manipulation for the purposes of violence in the Great Lakes Region throught Cineduc, Public speaking, Peace camps and visit, Training, Cross-border / Peace week and the Media.


Economic capacity building program aims to combat poverty and indigence among poor youth and adults through microfinance as well as cooperatives aimed at income-generating activities.Provide various trainings for young women to identify opportunities on the ground to support efforts to increase sustainable self-employment. Initiate existing GSLA groups as well as support youth cooperatives and help with official registration into the labor market throught training , GSLA (Group Saving and Loans Associations) and creation of Cooperatives.


Encourage young people to take advantage of their sporting and artistic talents through technical support aimed at professionalism. Harmonize a framework for exchange between the young people of Rwanda and other youth centers, aiming at artistic expansion and educational exchange for the encouragement of youth initiatives. Create recreation and occupational activities to fight against STIs and the use of drugs, in order to create a space of conviviality between young people from different backgrounds through music, traditional and modern dances, theaters,poetry and Rwandan literature, and different sports as to develop the talents of young people.