Sports and culture

Since 2002, the VJN has put together a considerable number of youths in various recreational games that are Football, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, athletics, acrobatics, Karate, Kung Fu, swimming, Gim Tonic, Pingpong (or table tennis) and seat ball.

In practice the VJN organizes annually four tournaments or competitions which are the Noel Cup, the Easter Cup, the cup of the Festival of youth in July and Cup Anti – AIDS world day of AIDS from December 01. When there’s no competition, normally the VJN organizes every weekend friendly games in the six sectors to maintain young together.


The component of culture includes different groups that aim to educate the youth on the positive moral values. They are grouped into four zones which are Nyamyumba, Rubavu and Rugerero, Gisenyi.

This component has the following objectives:

  • With cultural gatherings the component of culture has for mission to revitalize the cultural troops and promote culture on all its forms.(music, dance, traditional and modern, theaters poetry and Rwandan literature, develop the talents of young people.) through reading and an opening onto the world.
  • Encourage the involvement of young people in school and attending screening volunteer and counseling in STIs and HIV/AIDS.
  • Promote positive values among young people including forgiveness, reconciliation, unity, friendliness, fair play (tolerance) etc. to a social and personal development.
  • Promote the participation of women in sports and cultural activities for their blooming and personal development.

We also have an orchestra named after African Stars this band was created in 2002 with 8 persons singers composers. Today it is composed of 15 persons including a girl. The Orchestra must be excellent in all its presentations and deliver the message aimed at changes in behavior of the young with regard to HIV/AIDS and other bad behaviors.