Supporting staff

NIYITEGEKA Mbonyurugo Jean Bosco

Overall, Niyitegeka Mbonyurugo Jean Bosco is a dedicated and visionary leader who plays a pivotal role in shaping the academic and technological landscape of both VTC and VJN. His passion for education, coupled with his expertise in ICT, makes him a valuable asset to both institutions as they strive for excellence and innovation in their respective fields.


Oscar is a passionate and driven individual with a love for sports. He is dedicated to the development of youth talent and works tirelessly to organize competitions and events that showcase their skills and abilities.


Nzamurambaho’s role also involves planning and coordinating transportation logistics for staff members and stakeholders, including scheduling routes, managing vehicle assignments, and coordinating with other departments to ensure smooth operations.

UMUTONI Redempta

Redempta Umutoni serves as the receptionist at VJN (Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle), playing a crucial role as the first point of contact for visitors, clients, and stakeholders.


Emmanuel’s role as a committed and reliable Maintenance Officer is instrumental in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of equipment within the organization.

Ally Mousafa

A logistics officer’s responsibilities generally include managing and coordinating the transportation, storage, and distribution of goods and materials.