Vumbura Impano Yawe

During a period of one month, vision jeunesse nouvelle was conducting a patronage session entitled “ VUMBURA IMPANO YAWE ” and on 19/12/2019 comes to an end. The purpose was to equip the youth during their school holidays in different fields like music, traditional dances, modern dances, fashion, theatre, and different sport types to detects their talents and train them towards excellency and self-reliant in the coming days.
In this context, vision jeunesse nouvelle organized a competition where youths presented their talents according to the field they were occupied in to close this session.
In the ceremony of closing, the Director general of vision jeunesse nouvelle HAGENIMANA ALEXIS started by welcoming different distinguished guests including the acting Director of Kigali Public Library Mudahinyuka sylvain and different parents.
His message insisted on parents by encouraging them to facilitate their children because talent is a source of wealth when developed, reading books as a means to develop youth’s talent where they can find them in vision jeunesse nouvelle library.
The Director of Kigali Public Library Mudahinyuka sylvain as the main guest gave thanks to vjn staff who organized such activity. He also highlighted different advantages of reading in different contexts.
“Reading strengthens our life, it is a gate of wealth, a cure to mental problems, etc.,” he said.
Parents are invited to support and assists children to develop their talents through reading and writing as it is a source of wealth in the future period.

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